African-Canadian Careers 2017 - Partner Info

Saturday, November 4th, 2017, starting at 11am // @ Hyatt Regency Montreal

// Why “African-Canadian Careers?”

When companies work in collaboration with employees from diverse backgrounds, they unlock astounding levels of dynamism fueled by an extraordinary richness of perspective. It's a well-known fact: businesses that employ authentically diverse viewpoints are far better equipped to achieve new heights of organizational agility and performance. However, even the world's greatest companies know that it is not always easy to attract employees who will increase this core diversity.

One of the most effective ways to enhance the uptake of employees from diverse backgrounds is to strengthen direct links with the communities from which they spring. By connecting forward-thinking businesses with this unique talent pool - composed of extremely talented, yet hard-to-reach potential employees - the ACSioN Network helps companies to gain key competitive advantages in their pursuit of excellence and the triple bottom line.


// What is it?

The ACSioN Network is organizing a career event which will showcase a select group of leading companies from four key sectors:

- Finance & Accounting

- Engineering & IT

- Human Resources

- Marketing & Communications

In particular, we seek the participation of innovative companies who are interested in building a dynamic, talented and diverse workforce.


// Who will be there

Members of the African-Canadian communities in the Greater Montreal area, principally drawn from students and alumni of five major universities and affiliated institutions:

- Concordia University

- McGill University

- Université de Montréal (+ École Polytechnique & HEC)

- Université du Québec à Montréal (+ ESG & ÉTS)

- Université de Sherbrooke

Attendees include:

- Young professionals: Generally those with < 10 years total experience, and in particular recently graduated young professionals (2016 & 2017 alumni)

- Students: graduate students, and undergraduate students in their final or penultimate year of study

Expected number of participants: 150+

// The key

No more than 4 companies per sector will be invited to the spotlight at this event. These featured firms will have the chance to distinguish themselves and their commitment to diversity while meeting with potential candidates in a more intimate setting, and building closer links with the best applicants from the African diaspora.

More than 150 young professionals and students of African descent will be on hand to explore the best job opportunities in these sectors here in Montreal. The majority of these talented individuals have already demonstrated leadership abilities at university, at work, and elsewhere.

In addition, companies will have the opportunity to review the resumés of participating attendees before they arrive at the event.

More than your average career fair, this event will allow some of the best employers in the Greater Montreal area to connect with unique and extraordinary candidates who will directly contribute to the strength of their companies' diversity.

// How to get involved

The ACSioN Network is currently evaluating the list of companies that will be participating in this event.

We invite each participating company to send 1 to 3 staff members - ideally hiring managers, HR sourcers, and/or talent acquisition specialists, who will be able to:

1.) Give a brief 3-5 minute presentation about their company, highlighting its demonstrated commitment to diversity among its employees.

2.) Discuss and present opportunities for growth at their company in general, and present specific roles which are currently available at the company.

3.) Connect on-site with potential candidates regarding these roles.

Please note that participation in this event is only guaranteed for companies which are able to meet the above criteria.

If you are a company representative, we invite you to tell us how you would like to be involved and what accommodations you might prefer.

For any questions/comments regarding the event, or to register your company at this event as a sponsor or participating organization, please contact: Dwight BEST at (514) 612-0125, or via email at

// Background

Currently in its 12th year of operation, the ACSioN Network is a non-profit organization bringing together students and young professionals of African descent. Through its concentration upon academic, professional and sociocultural excellence, the ACSioN Network engages its members in contributing to the well-being of their communities and that of society at large. As part of its ongoing professional development programs, the ACSioN Network seeks to connect this dynamic community with the labour market both locally here in Montreal and at the national level.



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