African-Canadian Careers 2018 - Panellist Resources

Why African-Canadian Careers?

- Because here at ACSioN, we are committed to establishing an awesome pipeline of African-Canadian talent. We want all of our graduates and young professionals of African descent to reach their potential and build the careers that they aspire to, after spending enormous financial resources and many long years to painstakingly acquire academic credentials.

- Yet, despite our local African-Canadian communites' above-average educational achievement (believe it or not, our unemployed population has been, on average, more educated (see p. 34) than both its average Canadian and average Quebecer counterparts), we recognize that we won't even come close to reaching our collective economic and sociocultural potential if our community stands aside without actively assisting its future professionals to realize their dreams. Yes, we are getting intergenerational up in here! 😁

Who will be there?

- ACSioN has invited over 200 stakeholders to participate in this conference: students and young professionals from the African diaspora, including student leaders from 12 different student associations across 4 universities; university administrators; recruiters and HR professionals; and representatives of major employers.

Who will be on the panel(s) with me?

- Please consult the conference overview page to see who is currently pegged as a panellist for each discussion. This list is still subject to change.

- Panellists will only be listed and named if they've confirmed their participation in the conference. Some potential panellists have uncertain availability for the day of our conference, and in most cases we are still waiting for a clear confirmation in order to display their names. Keep your eyes peeled to that overview page to see what the final roster will look like!

What did last year's event look like?

- To give you an idea, here are the photos from last year's edition, African-Canadian Careers 2017. This year's event will be significantly larger (more participants, more spaces), but will be held at the same venue.

Est-ce qu'il s'agit vraiment d'une conférence bilingue?

- Absolument! Nous avons pensé à inviter autant de conférenciers francophones que d'anglophones à participer à notre conférence: néanmoins de toute façon, la plupart de nos participants seront bilingues.

- Durant les tables rondes des bénévoles seront disponibles pour traduire toute intervention qui ne sera pas compris par le public à sa première écoute.

- Tout participant sera le bienvenu à communiquer dans sa langue de préférence à la conférence, même si la plupart de nos communications internes se dérouleront en anglais par défaut, afin de faciliter la gestion de l'événement et d'éviter le dédoublement de nos ressources serrées.

What should I talk about?

- Please come prepared to discuss your professional career up to this point. In general, we'll be asking questions related to how you got your first job in the sector, how your perspectives and identity as as a person of African descent tie in positively to your career development, etc.

- Our "Beyond the Buzzwords of Diversity & Inclusion: Le respect - des clichés à la vérité" and Entrepreneurship panel discussions will have a slightly different format - stay tuned for details to come soon.

- The detailed list of sector-specific talking points (en français et en anglais) will be provided once the moderators for each panel have been designated.

What will be the format of the panels?

- Each discussion panel will be composed of 3 to 4 panellists, accompanied by a moderator.

- Depending on the size of the room, a maximum of 50 to 100 people will be in attendance at each panel.

- Panellists are expected to keep their answers and commentary concise and on topic - 1 to 2 minutes, please!

- Each panel discussion is expected to last 50 minutes, and will be generally be structured according to the following format:

5 minutes - Introductions

15 minutes - Discussion of the core questions

15 minutes - Discussion of the sector-specific topics

15 minutes - Question & answer session with the audience members

- These standard timings may be adjusted by the moderator depending on the flow of conversation and the subject matter. If this seems short, don't worry - there will be several opportunities to connect with participants outside of each panel and continue the conversation one-on-one.

- Please note that certain panels may be followed by short presentations from our partner organizations.

Can I officially represent the organization that I work for?

- Only if you're officially authorized by your organization to represent it at this conference. If so, please let us know immediately whom we should get in touch with at your organization to discuss the terms of this official appearance.

- Otherwise, by default, you'll be introduced as a member of our African-Canadian community who just currently happens to work at a particular organization.

How long can I stay?

- Please stay as long as you can, and feel free to participate in any and all activities! This will be a great opportunity for networking across sectors and to build connections with the next generation!

Is this event free?

- For you, our dear panellists, YES this event is absolutely free! You are considered a VIP at this event for all intents and purposes.

What about parking?

- FYI: if you park your vehicle at the Hyatt Regency, please give your parking receipt to the moderator(s) assigned to your panel(s) and you will be reimbursed by Interac e-transfer after the event.

May I bring a guest?

- Yes, please do invite anyone whom you think might be interested in this event! However, please note that any regular guests will have to pass through the regular registration page. That means yes, they will have to pay. The sooner they register though, the more money they'll save on the registration price!

What time should I be there?

- If you can't attend the whole event from the beginning, please arrive at the registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to any panel you're participating in, so we can get you settled. Check the conference program for the start time(s) of the panel(s) you'll be in.

What should I bring?

- Make sure you bring your good humour and positive vibes! 😁 No joke! And your smartphone too!

How do I get there?

- The address of the Hyatt Regency Montreal is 1255 rue Jeanne-Mance. The hotel itself occupies several floors of the west tower of the Complexe Desjardins, which is immediately south of the Place des Arts. It is situated 1 block south of the Place-des-Arts metro station (green line) and 2 blocks north of the Place d'Armes metro station (orange line) and the Palais des Congrès. The event will take place in the conference rooms on the 5th floor.

- Please note, the 5th floor conference rooms (we'll be in the ones called "Symphonie") CANNOT be directly entered from other places within the Complexe Desjardins, even if it looks like you can (unless you have ninja skills, or special powers perhaps? lol 😁).

- Due to construction, you will now actually have to pass through the Complexe Desjardins to reach the group of four elevators (level 2 or 3), and then take the elevator to the 5th floor. Depending on where you are it may be faster to exit the Complexe and re-enter it from the small parking area on rue Jeanne-Mance.



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