The ACSioN Network's Achievement program is one of its most important student-focused initiatives, with the simple goal of fostering the development of academic excellence among all members.

ACSioN Trailblazers:

In seeking to bring the old adage "Each one, teach one," into active practice, the ACSioN Network facilitates the formation of study groups among its members who study in the same field. Here at the Network, we call our study group leaders "trailblazers". Why? Well, an ACSioN Trailblazer is someone who is not only content to simply "do well"; she/he is a person who has the courage to open new paths toward success which she/he can use to guide their peers towards similar achievement.

ACSioN Excellence scholarship awards:

Another part of the Achievement program is the recognition and the conferral of eligibility for an ACSioN Excellence scholarship award, granted to the African and Caribbean students who have the highest verified academic performance (merit) and/or who have made the most academic improvement even as they make contributions to the well-being of our community.

Other services:

The following services are also available to ACSioN members through their local ACSioN Network chapters:

- Further information regarding scholarships available to African & Caribbean students

- Study-only office hours

- Special events related to academic achievement

In addition, the ACSioN Network connects its members with the academic excellence services which their home universities already offer, and encourages them to take advantage of these services.


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