Our Diversity Mandate

The ACSioN Network of Canada catalyzes positive community development through the unique perspectives and talents of students and young professionals of African descent.

Naturally, just as the ACSioN Network directly contributes to strengthening Canadian diversity, the ACSioN Network also aspires to represent the richest possible spectrum within the African Diaspora through its very membership at all leadership levels. We go beyond an abstract belief that diversity makes us stronger: as Canadian members of the African Diaspora, we know this to be true, and we exercise this cultural intelligence every day.

While the demographics of each community are unique and may represent varying concentrations of members of the African Diaspora, the ACSioN Network actively emphasizes equitable and balanced participation by its members according to many dimensions of identity (both permanent and mutable), particularly, though not limited to, the following:

Gender: Women, men

Region and/or country of recent family origin: Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas (outside the Caribbean)

Official language proficiency: Francophone, anglophone

Citizenship or residency status: Canadian citizens, permanent residents, international students, and foreign skilled workers

Sector of study, employment and/or expertise: Finance, engineering, health, education, human resources, arts and culture, law, communications, marketing, etc.



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