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Our Mission

The central mission statement of the ACSioN Network is:

“To be the greatest, most effective and self-determined service of students and professionals of African descent, who cooperate to elevate all communities of the African diaspora beyond the highest standards of academic, economic, and sociocultural excellence.”

The ACSioN Network’s overarching mission is fully referenced within our mission statement cited above, and each element of this mission can be explained as follows:

Greatness: The ACSioN Network does not merely seek to be the largest, nor the most well-known organization of its kind; the ACSioN Network actually aims to set the standard for all organizations of its kind, and to uplift and inspire all those who are associated with it.

Effectiveness: We aim to create the best possible outcomes using the resources which are available; we aim to avoid wasteful reduplication of efforts, and we are driven to create a net positive impact upon the environment within which we operate and which we are a part of.

Self-determination: We seek to ensure that our Network’s administration springs directly from the communities to which our members belong, and therefore retains a nuanced and intuitive focus upon the needs of its membership in order to provide these communities with the best service possible.

Service: The ACSioN Network seeks to bring all African-Canadian post-secondary students and professionals together in a highly interconnected fellowship of service, unified by an overarching focus upon helping our communities grow and prosper.

Cooperation: When efficiency is properly applied to groups united by a common goal, easy and fruitful cooperation is the happy result. Cooperation allows the ACSioN Network to make the most of the extraordinary talent which can be found everywhere within its membership, and thus allows our organization to better adapt its resources and methods in order to address the broad array of challenges which face communities of the African diaspora.

Academic excellence: The ACSioN Network not only aims to ensure that its student members completely avoid the negative trap of academic remediation, but that they continue to expand the limits of their personal potential for stellar academic achievement and inspire their precedessors, encourage their peers, and guide their protegés in the process.

Economic excellence: We seek to ensure that all our members – young up-and-coming professional Canadians of African descent – maximize their ability to create personal economic prosperity, and subsequently become an independent, self-aware economic driving force for their communities, especially within (but not limited to) the Canadian context.

Sociocultural excellence: In everything the ACSioN Network does, we aim to promote and develop authentic and positive manifestations of both continental African and diasporic African (Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Canadian, Afro-American, etc.) cultural perspectives, even as we adapt them to our Canadian context and thus make our vital contribution to the enrichment of the Canadian multicultural landscape.

This is the ACSioN Network’s lofty mission, and we invite all who would like to help us make it a reality to join us and lend a hand! And to learn about the principles which guide us as we advance our mission – please see our values page.