Our Values

–  The 5 Ps of ACSioN  –

The basic values which guide us as we fulfill our mission, and which all members of the ACSioN Network must adhere to, can be summed up in five principles: Positivity, Purpose, Professionalism, Passion, and Progress. We call them “The 5 Ps of ACSioN”, and our official interpretation of these five principles is explained below in further detail:

1.) Positivity:

– We engage in all our activities peacefully and with respect, and work to create harmony in our community rather than petty conflict.

– We are completely solution-oriented, and we regard problems as springboards leading to opportunities to learn and grow, instead of viewing such as mere stumbling blocks.

– We are always constructive in our criticism; this means that we propose viable and beneficial solutions, and actively work as a team towards their successful implementation.

– We believe in our community’s capacity to develop appropriate responses to any challenges it may face, and seek to minimize the harmful effects of afro-pessimism wherever they may be manifest.


2.) Purpose:

– For all our activities, we set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (S.M.A.R.T.) goals and objectives which are fully in line with the ACSioN Network’s vision and mission, and we always maintain the achievement of these objectives as the principal focus of any activity we undertake.


3.) Professionalism:

– We set high, clear and consistent standards for excellence in everything that we do, and consistently achieve or surpass these standards.

– We aspire to provide our members with the best service possible, and we respect and defend members’ rights within the Network in accordance with our standard policies and regulations.

– We hold ourselves accountable for the fulfillment of our promises, act with transparency wherever prudently possible, and ensure that our use of financial resources and volunteer time is as efficient and ethical as it can be.

– We strive to ensure that the pursuit of our personal individual goals does not negatively impact the prosperity of the ACSioN Network and its members at any time; and we minimize and/or eliminate conflicts of interest wherever prudently possible.


4.) Passion:

– We give our very best efforts to the activities we engage in, by expanding the limits of our personal and collective creativity and utilizing the best means available.

–  We proudly champion and espouse the ACSioN Network and its mission whenever prudently possible.


5.) Progress:

– We ensure that everything we do is strongly grounded in both a profound understanding of what has come before us, as well as a good awareness of present conditions, in order to move forward into the future with accurate bearings. Thus informed, we facilitate the positive evolution of our organization and community in accordance with our long-term vision.

– We foster a culture of innovation that encourages the constant search for, discovery, and refinement of methodologies which help us draw closer to a more perfect fulfillment of our vision and mission.