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Our Vision

The ACSioN Network envisions a community of ethical, prosperous, magnanimous, confident, and respected people of African descent, united through their pursuit of the utmost excellence, and their willingness to serve the community. We dream of a Canada where Canadians of African descent freely inspire each other to unhesitatingly pursue the realization of their communities’ greatest potential and, in so doing, inspire all their fellow Canadians to do the same.

Whether simply imparting wisdom and insights from their unique perspectives, or leading the way in building bridges of prosperity between Canada, the African continent and the Caribbean, we know that people of African descent can be strong catalysts for positive development. Here in the 21st century, this is truer than ever. And thus we dream of local communities where people of African descent leap beyond obstacles to create beacons of global opportunity and networked centres of innovation, rather than allow themselves to be restricted by deprivation, disenfranchisement and a sense of despair.

We view the many African, Caribbean, and Black groups of post-secondary students and young professionals as subgroups of a united, yet vastly diverse and multifaceted community of young adults of African descent; an ecosystem overflowing with talent, ambition and creativity, which has everything it takes to make this vision a reality – and more.

To learn how the ACSioN Network translates this vision into action, please see our mission page.