ACSioN Network, Concordia University chapter

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Founded: August 2010

Host institution: Concordia University - Montreal, Quebec

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About ACSioN-Concordia:

The Concordia University chapter of the African and Caribbean Synergic interorganizational Network of Canada (called ACSioN-Concordia for short) organizes regular awareness and fellowship-building events, and is the focal point for the ACSioN Network's community programs at Concordia University. As such, ACSioN-Concordia provides all Concordia students springing from the African diaspora with a united forum that facilitates their development towards academic, economic, and sociocultural excellence.

In addition, ACSioN-Concordia unites the student groups at Concordia University whose members have strong genealogical and/or cultural roots in the African continent. These affiliated groups are: the African Students' Association of Concordia, the Concordia Caribbean Student Union, the Haitian Students' Association of Concordia, and the Concordia chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

ACSioN-Concordia works to enhance its members' career growth and fosters their development of healthy, Afro-positive professional identities. This chapter also coordinates the local African Heritage Month (Black History Month) celebrations at Concordia during the month of February in full collaboration with its affiliates, and supports the establishment of world-class Africana Studies programs at Concordia and other Montreal universities.

Brief History:

In August 2010, Umoja Concordia, a student group at Concordia University which had been relaunched in the Winter 2006 semester as a founding member-association of the ACSioN Network, was wholly integrated into the Network as the very first chapter of the African and Caribbean Students' Network of Canada (today called the African and Caribbean Synergic interorganizational Network of Canada). ACSioN-Concordia continues and builds upon the most recent legacy of this predecessor group, in order to provide a greatly improved, more expansive and responsive range of services for all ACSioN Network members at Concordia University.


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