The ACSioN Network Logo

In August 2006, a special group of ACSioN student members was commissioned to design a universally-recognizable symbol for the nascent organization which was to become the African and Caribbean Students' Network of Canada. Several ideas were brought together to form the final design which was to be both meaningful and distinctive:

ACSioN Network Logo

The triangle, a basic structural element found in all aspects of nature, has been revered by engineers throughout history both for its awesome simplicity of form and its extreme strength when interlaid many times to give support to larger structures.

Curve in Triangles:
Each triangle also sports an arch, another basic structural element which has been used since antiquity by builders seeking to create works of longevity and strength.

 Triangle Offset and Direction:
The triangles are offset to represent the multilayered, overlapping identities of the many peoples of the African diaspora (both old and new). Sweeping up towards a common focal point in the top corner, the converging triangles represent the Network as a unifying force which uplifts and empowers its members.

African continent and Caribbean archipelago:
The outline of the African continent forges through all four of the triangles, simultaneously giving them definition, representing our members who are directly from the continent, as well as creating room for the islands of the Caribbean, which boldly rise up out of the space created by the African continent. This represents our members from the region, as well as the vital and fundamental contributions which people of African descent have made towards creating the Caribbean we see today.

The Pan-African colours were chosen for the logo to reflect the vision and values of the Network.


Logo Designers:
Dwight BEST
Natacha JULES



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