FAQ for student leaders – ACSioN Leadership Summit 2022

We're all going to chill and chat about some important topics such as:

- Creating a real community

- Positive leadership within the African-Canadian community: impacts and challenges

- Funding: Securing the bag

- Best practices for running your organization effectively

You'll also get to meet more cool people such as yourself! 😉
Oh and yeah, we'll be barbecueing too! 😋

At ACSioN, it's our mission to support the building of relationships between students and their peers across different organizations and institutions, as well as with alumni and young professional leaders from our African-Canadian communities, especially here in Montreal.

By thus transmitting knowledge between generations, we enable our community to grow in a more healthy and consistent way, as well as build a path towards improved cooperation in the near future.

Predominantly African Diasporan Student Organization (e.g. African, Caribbean, Black, Haitian, Nigerian, etc.)

To be eligible to participate in the ACSioN Leadership Summit, PADSO student groups should be:

1. Active and distinctive. (Must have held at least 1 event for all its members within the past 2 academic years that was NOT a collaboration with another group.)

2. Official. (Must be properly recognized by its host post-secondary academic institution, and/or a professional order/organization.)

3. Open, democratic, accountable, and student-led. (Free and fair elections are held regularly, or if appointments to leadership positions are made, the outcomes are ultimately determined by the student members themselves.)

ACSioN reserves the right to review and revise the list of eligible PADSOs at any time according to its discretion.

Eligible Montreal-area PADSOs known to ACSioN, as of 11th May 2022:

Concordia - 4
McGill - 8
UdeM/HEC/Polytechnique - 4
UQAM - 3
Total = 19

Executive board members from eligible PADSO groups have been invited to attend, as well as certain other highly engaged student leaders, and accomplished young professionals who care deeply about the future of our community.

A maximum of 4 execs per group may attend:

i. The chief executive & chief financial officer of your organization's 2021-2022 executive team (outgoing)

ii. The chief executive & chief financial officer of your organization's 2022-2023 executive team (incoming)

<< IMPORTANT >> If your incoming and/or outgoing chief executive & chief financial officer cannot attend for any reason, please send one or two of the following team members in their place, in descending order of priority:

1: Chief executive
2: Chief financial officer
3: Deputy chief executive
4: Any other executive member of your team from the same academic year

Please note: any group which has not yet elected its 2022-2023 executive team should ideally bring current members of the outgoing 2021-2022 team to the summit who appear most likely to become the new 2022-2023 chief executive and chief financial officer, respectively, once those elections are held. It's about continuity!

Simply register here by 5pm Friday, May 13th 2022 to guarantee your spot at the Summit. After that, you can still try - but any late registrations may be cancelled due to capacity concerns.

As you may have heard, yes, your group can qualify for a $500 credit (or more) from ACSioN Canada in support of your new 2022-2023 team's very first standalone event starting in the Fall 2022 semester, as long as you meet the funding criteria. Details regarding these criteria will be shared at the Summit.

Your group's eligibility for the credit towards its first event of the fall semester mostly depends on your INCOMING 2022-2023 team members - ideally your chief executive & chief financial officer. They must:

Step 1: Register for the ACSioN Leadership Summit 2022.

Step 2: Participate fully in the ACSioN Leadership Summit 2022!

Step 3: Have all of their fellow 2022-2023 team members register with ACSioN. We'll provide you with further details about this at the Summit!

Yes, this get-together is on us! You absolutely should bring at least the following things though:

1.) An open mind;

2.) A positive attitude 😁;

3.) Your appetite 😋;

4.) Your colleagues from the incoming 2022-2023 team and outgoing 2021-2022 team (if possible).