Student Chapter Leadership

2020-2021 Chapter Executive Board


Central Coordinator

Contact Steffanie


Field & year of study: Sociology, 4th year

Family origins: Kenya

I am confident that I am the best candidate for this position because I am determined to see the diaspora flourish in all avenues. Through my two-year experience with clubs and committees at Concordia, I have acquired the necessary skills to take on a leadership position, such as this one. Furthermore, with the knowledge acquired from being part of the 2019-2020 ACSION exec team, I understand the numbers, and what needs to be done to take it to the next level. I know what we’ve done, what we need to do and where we need to grow. In a sentence, I would say that my first year as an exec was about figuring out how things work, now I am confident that we can get the job done.


Education Coordinator

Field & year of study: Human Relations, 2nd year

Family origins: Haiti

My goal is to help other Black people of every diaspora. To provide the tools for them to reach their true potential by creating a sense of community and self-empowerment within them.


Finance Coordinator

Contact Abolaji


Field & year of study: Athletic Therapy, 3rd year

Family origins: Nigeria

My name is Abolaji Ajeigbe, and I’m interested in the financial Coordinator position. Having attended a few events organized by ACSION, such as Who can say the N-Word, Val’s day, to name a few, I believe my personal goals are in line with that of ACSION. It has always been my mission to provide a safe space where Africans can network, learn and grow as a community. Furthermore, I understand that the finance coordinator position requires a person with solid management skills, excellent quantitative and qualitative skills and great attention to detail, which I demonstrate in my current role as Election CEO of ASFA- Concordia. For these reasons, I believe I can add value to ACSION based on my experiences and skills obtained from my diverse roles.


Outreach Coordinator

Contact Taibat


Field & year of study: Political science, 1st year

Family origins: Nigeria

My name is Taibat Adeyemi and with this letter, I wish to state my interest and apply for the position of ACTION’s Outreach Coordinator. My interest in this position dates back to my years in High school, where I helped out my class in coordinating a theatre play and played the leading role of inviting the rest of the school to be our audience. The theatre play was a way to connect the immigrant students learning French and the student body that excelled in the language to meet as one. I had to be convincing when I communicated with their teachers about why a play would be essential to the student that already excelled in French and the ones in the process, making it their second or third language. My first notable experience with ACTION was in 2019 when I took the moderator’s position for the event, “Who Can Say the N-word.” It was the first time I got to work with the team, and it broaden my desire to be an active member of ACTION. My own experience as a student journalist for two years has helped broaden my communication skills, knowledge for social media, marketing and organizational skill. If given the opportunity to fill this position, I will diligently inform the student body of ACTION’s future events with enthusiasm and make them as meaningful as well as impactful.