Eligibility criteria for organizational affiliation with ACSioN

To gain or maintain official affiliation with ACSioN Canada, and therefore its status as an ACSioN Network-Affiliated Student Organization (NASO), a PADSO must be:

PADSO is the acronym ACSioN uses to describe a Predominantly African Diasporan Student Organization (e.g. African, Caribbean, Black, Haitian, Nigerian, etc.)

To be recognized as a PADSO, a student group’s membership must be predominantly led by and composed of adult students of African descent, and it must maintain a permanent and primary (but not necessarily exclusive) focus on serving the specific needs and/or interests of students of African descent of any nationality (but not necessarily all nationalities).

The group must have held at least 1 event for all its members within the past academic year that was NOT a collaboration with another group.

The group must not have a mission, purpose, and/or major activities which are excessively similar to those of another current PADSO that is based at the same institution and/or serving the same region.

The group must be officially recognized by its host post-secondary academic institution, and/or a professional order/organization.

Free and fair elections to the group’s leadership are held regularly, and if appointments to leadership positions are made, the outcomes are ultimately determined by the student members themselves.

ACSioN Canada reserves the right to review and revise its criteria as well as the list of eligible PADSOs at any time according to its discretion.