2021-2022 ACSioN-Concordia Chapter Executive Board Elections

CENTRAL Coordinator:

Nïïce GÉDÉON (100% - ELECTED)

1 candidate

EDUCATION Coordinator:

Question mark icon
To be announced

No candidates: nominations to be re-opened

FINANCE Coordinator:

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To be announced

No candidates: nominations to be re-opened

OUTREACH Coordinator:

Abidemi SOYOYE (100% - ELECTED)

1 candidate

Where do these positions fit in ACSioN?

ACSioN-Concordia organizational chart

NOTE: Prospective candidates may only apply for Coordinator roles at this time.

(Assistant Coordinators will be appointed by the elected Coordinators during the Fall 2021 semester.)

>> Details regarding all available roles can be found in the ACSioN-Concordia chapter constitution (see Article 4).

Hi everyone!

Here is the chance for you to join the 2021-2022 ACSioN-Concordia Executive Team! Your voice is unique and important, and we need to hear from you. Register to vote!

As you may know, each year we run our elections, an event where you get to select the individuals that will be representing you in this organization, and who knows, it could even be you!

For the second consecutive year due to the pandemic, we’re holding all our elections activities online!


You now have until 4:00pm Friday May 28th, 2021 to register to vote.

ELECTIONS: Friday May 28th, 2021 at 6:00pm.



CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE as a candidate by 4:00pm on Friday, May 28th 2021. Once that’s done, we’ll send you the e-nomination form to confirm your candidacy.

Participate in the online info session for prospective CEB candidates on Thursday, May 27th 2021 at 8:00pm, hosted by ACSioN senior leadership members.
Prospective candidates will receive the videoconference link after registering, and are highly encouraged to join in. This might be your last chance to get some of your questions answered before the elections!



Participate in the elections on Friday, May 28th 2021 at 6:00PM.
Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email invitation to join our online elections by videoconference (Zoom). Remember you have until Friday, May 28th at 4:00pm to register, whether you want to vote or be a candidate.

All elected candidates must also join the post-election videoconference meeting tentatively scheduled for the week of May 31st, 2021, as well as the orientation sessions which will take place between May and September 2021.


PLEASE NOTE to be eligible to vote in the Concordia chapter elections, you must be both:

a.) An ACSioN Network member registered before the official campaign period. If you haven’t done so, please go ahead and register now –  it only takes 2 minutes!

b.) A current undergraduate student at Concordia University with a valid student ID number.

Are you passionate about African, Caribbean, Black & Afro-Canadian issues and cultures, and do you want to make a truly positive and LASTING difference in our community?

Do you want to amaze yourself as you develop your personal Excellence and networking abilities while helping to increase the Unity in Our Community, both inside & outside the university?

Do you want to be part of the organization pioneering the strongest collaboration among students & professionals of African descent in Canada?

If you answered YES to any of the above: you’re ready to experience the awesome opportunities that await you as one of the 4 ACSioN-Concordia chapter Coordinators! Register as a candidate today!

We’ll see you at the elections!

ACSioN Canada NCA & 2020-2021 ACSioN Network-Concordia University Chapter Executive Board

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